March 16th 2008


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I have been doing pretty well with getting the garden planted; and keeping it weeded, I tend to have trouble keeping it weeded when it gets hot out. My peas are up that I planted from seeds; and I bought some that were already started, and they are all doing well and I should see blossoms on the already started ones soon. I actually had enough lettuce and spinich; to make a salad when I added some from the store, it was nice knowing that it came from the garden. I also have radishes up; but they arae not ready yet. Next week; I can plant tomatoes and bell peppers, which I plan to make into salsa this year. April first I can plant corn, beans, watermelon, cantalope, pumpkins and cucumbers. I am having to make the garden bigger; due to all the plants I want to plant, and not having enough space for them all. I am even trying to grow artichokes; which I have never planted before and I really like eating.

Thursday; I took the girls to go pick out some chickens, we have four hens and I plan on keeping the flock smaller than I used to have. At one time I had 25 hens that I was getting eggs from; and had way too many eggs, I am going to keep this new flock to 12 or so.

Yesterday my oldest turned eight and it seems like to me that she should still be the same little baby that I brought home from the hospital. Sometimes she seems so grown up and then she can act younger then her youngest sister who is 3.

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