April 25th, 2008


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Tonight is the Peach County Relay for life; from 7pm to 7am Saturaday, it is being held at the local highschool. We go each year; I this makes the 11th year we have gone, and it always amazes some that my kids outlast most of the adults that walk. We have lost several family members; on both sides of the family to cancer, and we think that this is such a great cause we don’t mind helping out. We even had an elongated coin made; that we donate all the money from to the realy for life, you can see it at http://www.smashingpennies.com/store/acs/index.htm

We have 2 weeks 1 day; before the eggs the hen is sitting on should hatch, the kids still ask if they have hatched yet and I still tell them not yet. What kids likes waiting when something neat is going on; I know that I sure don’t like to wait. I am going to try and figure out how to post pictures; but I am still pretty new to the whole blog stuff.

I got my squash planted; but now I have to plant the cantalope, watermellon and sweet potatoes. My youngest pulled up and ate the top off the califlouer( I know that is not spelled right) and so now I only have one plant left; I had nine but something got the others. My cabbage looks great; I have both red and the regular cabbage, my brocolii seems to be trying to make a come back. I am not sure how people garden with young kids and they just seem to ruin all the plants. Maybe that is why they plant so much stuff; so that it doesn’t matter if something gets a plant or two.

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