Queen’s of the picnic table


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 21-11-2008

Our goats are starting to get a little more friendly; not that they will always let me catch them,  I usually can catch Maggie and then her sister Lucy will follow.  Yesterday; I was even able to catch Lucy, but she really did not like it much.  That same day we came home from school around 3:15pm; and found both Lucy and Maggie on top of the picnic table, the girls found this particually funny.   I have asked Zac to look into bringing me home a spool or two from work; I have been reading where the electical wire spools make great goat jungle gyms, as long as you make sure you cover any holes that they might get stuck in.    Yesterday; I also found out that they like the kids cereal, our youngest(3 years old) was out eating a bowl of cherrioes and Maggie ended up finishing them off.   Lucy likes carrots; but not the raisins which maggie likes, they both seem to like the bread I gave them yesterday.    Today I think because it was a little cold; they were frisky and I am hoping that is the reason I could not catch Maggie, to let them out to graze.  Because we do not have all the fencing up, I put Maggie on a zip line and Lucy stays close by.   I am hoping to work on the fence tomorrow and Saturday; so that we can let them graze when ever they want.   They have done an excellent job; of eating anything they are willing to eat in my garden, but I know that won’t keep them happy for long and they will need more than just the grass that is left to feed on.   Once you catch Maggie; you can pet her as much as you like, she doesn’t seem to like her stomach rubbed or her legs messed with.  I am sure that they will get more friendly; as I spend more time with them and they get to know us better,  we have only had them a month.    I have several good websites that have tons of information about goats; one of the sites is called Homesteading Today; the other’s are yahoo groups which I found by doing a search for goats in their group search.

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