Peas, Corn and other plants!!!!!!!!!


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OK!!!! So usually I have tons of pea’s planted by now and I ONLY have one row, GRANTED I have planted said row at least four times(OK!!!! It just feels like it).  I know the duck’s were doing what comes natrually and they did do a great job weeding, but they took out all of the ones that were not nice and big, they did this TWICE before I locked them out of the garden.  So while I had a set back in my pea’s, it was nice to see some of them with blossom’s.  I did not take this picture I found it at a great site called Dave’s Garden, when I did a google search for Sugar Snap Pea blossom’s.


My tomatoes look great, I think I might have lost a few, but I am hoping that they come back up and that it was just the leaves that wilted.  I don’t water them everyday, because I want them to get a good root system on them, so I water them every other day or every two days.  I have Roma’s, Red Beefsteak’s, Cherry Tomatoes, Celbrity, Early Girls and Big Boy’s.   I wanted to plant some tomatotioes( alson know as a Husk Tomatoe), but can’t find any and the one place that did have them doesn’t anymore.   If all else fails, I will just go to the Mexican food mart and buy some and try and sprout the seeds. 

I planted corn this year, I haven’t the last few years, because it never got taller than my waist and never did much in way of putting out ear’s and the ear’s it did put out were baby corn sized or maybe a bit bigger.  I only plant sweet corn as that is what my family likes the best, I planted some thing called a sweet silver princess, usually I try the sweet silver queen. 

I planted sqaush in hopes that this year, I’ll have better luck then in the past, I am also hoping that the soil sample and adding the few things it lacked, will help and it’s looking pretty good.   So is the cantalope, (another thing I never got to grow well) The watermelon( yet again another thing I have never gotten to grow well) is looking good so far and the cucumbers for the most part are doing well, I have a few that look pretty sad, but am hoping they perk up soon.  I also planted sweet potatoes, my first attempt last year did not do very well.  

I still need to get in some okra and the beans, I guess that had better be on my list of things to do today, along with another row of corn.

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I checked on the garden today and I have open blossoms on my cantalope and it looks like my watermellon might also have some closed blossoms on them. I am so excited, so far my garden is doing better than any other year, I do really need to weed. I will have to do that while it is still cool in the morning’s.

I have two pea’s and a bunch of flower’s on my tomatoes and pepper’s. I can’t wait to start eating out of the garden, I have been getting lettuce, but it sort of has a peppery taste to it. I am pretty pleased with things so far.

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