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Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 18-05-2010

Out of all the 4 mallard ducks we got at easter last year, we have one left a male or they are also called drake’s.  He has been living at the neighbours as well as at our house, it remains to be seen where he will decided to live on a more permanant basis.  Our neighbour was able to find a nest of one of the females and they borrowed my incubator and was able to hatch out some baby ducks, which we are spliting between the two of us.  The ones I have are about a week old, and there are four of them and they go a bit crazy when you come near them.  In the next week to two weeks, I should be able to put them outside in a brooder so they have more room, I hope that if I do it right that they will be far more friendly than the other’s were.



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Sunday is when the ducklings got out and we had caught three of the four. I tried really hard to catch the one still loose, we saw it on Monday and still couldn’t catch it. Well! this morning I saw it up by the brooder and I went and put out a bowl of food surrounded by several boxes, so that if it was startled by me that the only place it could go was in the box. That is exactly what happened, it went in the box, I tipped the box up and was able to get it in with the rest of the ducks. One of the first things it did, after huddling with the others was get some water and food, poor thing. The kids are all excited that it is back and I am just glad it’s safe and sound now.

So today I put the baby ducks out side for a few hours, everything was going well, then my oldest came in and said the baby ducks were out. We were able to find and catch all but one, we have seen it but we can’t get near enought to catch it. I am hoping that I find it in the morning, if not I’ll be down a duck and it’s my own fault for leaving them out there and not telling the kids to leave them alone.

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