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Growing up, my mom tried several different ways to get us to clean house, not sure where she got it from, but the thing that worked the best was the Chore Box.  She took a box and stuck the chores in the box and we picked one and did it when that was done we picked another one and did that one until they were all done.

Here is what you will need:
1 3×5 Index card box
3×5 Index cards a (pack of 100 should be enough, white or the colored ones)
Pen, marker or pencil
1 stack of tabed cards with months on them
1 stack of tabed cards with days on them

Take tabbed cards with months put them in order starting with CURRENT MONTH and then put in tabbed days starting with CURRENT DAY.  Label all index cards with tasks that are needing to be done and how often you want them done. IE: wash dishes daily, vaccum  Living room floor every other day, fold laundry daily.  IF you want to you can also mark the cards with a value amounts and have the kids earn money doing chores, IE: Wash dishes 75cents, vaccum  living room floor 25 cents.   I also abbreviate how offten I want to do the chores. D= Daily M=Monthly W=Weekly Y=Yearly and EOD=Every other day

You will start out doing all cards, wether or not they are weekly, monthly daily or every other day. You then draw cards, until all cards are done, if you draw a card that cannot be done yet IE: a weekly, monthly or every other day card or say you have to pick up the floor in order to vaccum, then you put it back in the current pile or you move it to the date it can be done.

Pictures of what you need:

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