Hope to have eggs soon


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Chickens | Posted on 24-11-2008

Most of the chicken’s I have; were hatched May 10th 2008, I am hoping that I will be able to get eggs from them soon, they are about 28 weeks old, so I am going to wait until the first of the year before I get to worried.  The two hens that I do have that are old enough to be laying; stopped laying after they hatched eggs.  I am not sure if that has anything to do with it; as I know that the heat and the cold will cause them to stop laying.   I am almost tempted to stick a heating light out there for them; as I have heard it will help with both keeping them warm and with giving them more light, and then they will possibly lay eggs year round.   I am still working on making my coop warmer; for the chickens as well as a bit more rain free, as I found a few leaky places this last rain storm we had.    I really enjoy hearing the chickens out cackaling and clucking; the bantam rooster is very funny to listen to, he thinks that he is a bigger rooster.  When he’s crowing it just makes you want to laugh; our other rooster has just started to try and crow, he sounds like he is being strangled, at first is startled me.   Right now I am feeding layer pellets and scratch mixed together; this will help them with the extra energy that they need while it is cold, they are also let out every day to roam the garden and so they are semi free range as well.  I also have shredded paper in all the nesting boxes as well as on the ground for them; my two older hens refuse to lay in the nesting boxes I made.

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