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Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees), Uncategorized | Posted on 28-11-2008

OK! So usually; I buy things that have already been started to plant in my garden, one of the reasons is I never had good luck getting them to sprout or stay growing, the second reason I guess is I like to enjoy things sooner and I am a tad bit lazy at times.    So this year; I decided to try and do as much from seed as possible, and then transplant to the garden, I did not use the peat pod like I usually do.   I bought two bags of potting soil; one is for vegetables and the other is regular potting soil, I mixed it together and put the soil in the 6 pk containers I had.   I have gotten everything I planted to sprout so far; but they start looking wilted and pinched at the shoot.   I am hoping; that by letting them be outside during the day, and only in at night that maybe it will take care of the issue.  I have two kinds of lettuce; Black seed simpson and a head lettuce, I really want to find some seed for red tipped lettuce, I tried it for the first time last year and fell in love with it.   I have hree kinds of Spiniach; Melody, space saver and bloomsdale, and I even sprouted an apple seed as well as a pomengranet seed.  My oldest daughter; brought home some orange seed from lunch last week, and we are going to sprout thoses as well since she insisted we try it.   Even though I know it’s a little early to start tomatoe’s indoors; I decided to go ahead and try it, you are supposed to wait 6 weeks, before your actually going to plant them to start them indoors.  You are not supposed to plant tomatoes; until March 15th, at the earliest so I should have started them in Feb.   I am so excited about getting my garden going and getting stuff from it.

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