Bribes for the Goats


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 28-11-2008

Yesterday! I went out to the garden to throw some stuff to the chickens( the coop is off the garden); as well as to put some items in the compost, as soon as I opened the back door the goats came running to the gate, as soon as I tried to catch them they took off.  I was finally able to catch Lucy; but only because she followed me into the chicken coop, and it small enought that she couldn’t get away from when I tried to grab her.  I know I shouldn’t be feeling so frusterated; at least they come running to the gate, but I want to be able to catch them any time I want, and not have to feel like I am playing catch me if you can.  I know from experiance with other animals; that is going to take time and that I just can’t give up, I keep bribes on hand and when they let me do something with them, I give them a handful of treats.   I have yet to find any places they like to be scratched; and I am not even sure that they might have one, even though I see them scratching on things all the time.   I am trying to get them both used to the dog style zipline; they seem to do ok on it, they have gotten themselves tangles a few times but nothing harmful.  I have them on the zipline; so that I can let them out to eat other sections of things, and still work on getting the fence up with out worrying they got out.   The first section we are fencing is about 1acre; and we will keep adding a fenced section as we can afford it and have the time, we are using landscaping timbers and field fencing.    Putting up the fence has been slow going; we have had to clear some underbrush, just to get the roll of fencing back to where we are going to put the fence.   We have also had to be very careful; as they did not mark our property line very well, and we are having to double check everything.  To have them come in and mark the property line enough to put up a fence; it would cost between $500-1,500, when I asked how they clear the properyt line they said they have 2-4 people who come in with brush hooks and or weed eaters and clear it that way.  That is exactly the way we are clearing it now; why pay someone that much to come in and do something I am perfectly capeable of doing.

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