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So I haven’t posted since like March, life just got way to busy.  This will just be a run down of what happened and stuff


I think this is when my car stopped working and we borrowed my in laws car off and on for a bit
Put in a garden in just my raised beds

Fixed our engraving machine, it was not cheap


My husband was in a car accident that totaled his car
I went to girls camp, with 14 girls and we all survived.  I made neat necklaces for the girls
Finally found a car that we could afford, we used it to get girls back from camp.  It seats 8 people and I really like it


Went to a family reunion in TN
Had a wisdom tooth start to bother me


School started today, we made the bus for all three kids, this was even after they stayed up late
Have surgery set for the 15th to take out the two wisdom teeth I have left
Trying to get garden fence fixed/finished so I can pick up our baby goat Alexis at the end of the month

Healthy Challenge March 24th to April 24th.


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We start a healthy challenge as a family, I had two kids that needed to gain some weight and one that needed to lose some as well as I needed to lose some weight.    I started the challenge as mostly a way to set an example of being healthy, I cook most of if not all of the food we eat from scratch and try to make it well balanced.  I put a garden in each year and that also helps us with eating healthy.   I wanted to teach my kids that portion size is what helps keep us healthy just as much as watching what we eat,   I showed them two different video’s one of the guy who ate nothing but Subway and lost weight and the other of the guy who ate nothing but fast food but watched how much he ate and still lost weight, I also encouraged them to stay active as well.   So far it has been up and down with the weight, but they have all been fairly excited about the challenge.   We will celebrate the winner, by percentage and will be going to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt

What’s in an inspiration?


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Recently I was sick with a cold that was nastier than most colds I have had.  Because I didn’t want to have the same flavor of cough drops, I bought some Hall’s cough drops because they had spearmint ones.  At the same time bought two bags of Dove chocolates, one was milk chocolate and one was dark.  The following were inside the wrappers from both the cough drops and the Dove chocolates.

Hall’s Cough drops- A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP
Be resilient
Go for it
Nothing you can’t handle
Get back in there champ
Be unstoppable
Power through
Push on
Inspire envy

Enjoy the small things in life
Daydreaming is free
You’re gorgeous
Smiling is free
Have no limits today
Live your dreams
Keep the promises you make to yourself


Brewed Chocolate anyone? How about Choffy????


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About a year or so ago, a friend of mine started selling something called Choffy.  It’s ground coco beans that is then put in a french press, hot water is added and then you wait a few mins, add some creamer and you have an AWESOME drink.  Wait????  What is a french press???   A french press is a container that has a filter on it, to keep the grounds from floating to the top.    It looks like this, you can also brew it in a coffee pot, if you have a really fine filter.  I have also read that a tea infuser works well too.   Well!  back to my story.    So the first time I made it, I didn’t do it right, and it still tasted pretty good.   The next time I tried it, I did it right and it was AWESOME!!!!  While Choffy seems pretty pricey, if your used to going to Starbucks or some of these other coffee shops, Choffy is cheaper and far healthier for you.     Currently there are three flavors, Ivory Coast, IC Dark and La Espanola.

Choffy has the following:
20 Calories
2x the antioxidents in one serving  as 2 servings of  blueberries
It has about the same of caffeine, as a 1 oz. of dark chocolate (20-24mg).
No Gluten
No Sugar- Except for what you add
No Fat

For more information you can go to or to order go to


Bee Swarm Catching


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Today I got a call from a friend, he told me that he had a swarm of bees in his backyard.  I rushed to get my stuff together and then rushed over to his house.   I had to take all the frames and foundations out to get the bees in, and of course in all the excitemet I didn’t take pictures.   They swarmed on to one of his blueberry bushes, and I had to shake pretty hard to get them in.  I then taped the entrance and stuck them in my car and brought them home.   I stuck the nuc on my hive stand and then mixed up some sugar water for them.   Tomorrow I will switch them to my 8 frame hive and hopefully, I can find the queen and make sure I have the start to a good hive.

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