Making Peanut Butter


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I have always wanted to make peanut butter, just to say that I have done it.  So today I am going to make some, first I have to shell the raw peanuts and then I have to roast them, when they are finally roast I can make the peanut butter.   When you use roasted peanuts, it has concentrated the oils, so that you can make the peanut butter.   Once that is all done, then I finally get to put them through a food chopper and make peanut butter.   Here is the recipe I am following;

Making Mother Of Vinegar


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So today I decided to learn something new, I am going to try my hand at making vinegar.   It’s actually pretty simple and I while I have been meaning to try it, I just hadn’t gotten around to it.   First off, I goggled how to make vinegar and found out that first I have to make mother of vinegar.  For most of those who might not know me, I don’t drink so I have to make my vinegar from juice instead of wine.   So first off from what I read, you take a splash of vinegar and add it to your juice (in my case) or wine.  The juice has to be fresh as most store bought juice has been processed in such a manner that it won’t ferment right.  The wine can be corked ( I learned what this meant today) or freshly opened, you then add either a splash of red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar or what ever type you have on hand, you add this to the wine and or juice and let sit for 2 months, in a dark and warm location.  After the end of the two months, you check it for flotsam and jetsam, this is your mother of vinegar and you feed this for a while and do a few other steps to make vinegar.   Since I am not to this stage yet, I will write about it later.

The following are links on how to make mother of vinegar.



Things you can do with a feedsack


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Since I have farm animals, I have feed sacks and sometimes those feed sacks are made out of a woven plastic material and sometimes they are paper bags.  I use the paper bags to put trash in and I was wondering what to do with the woven bags.    As it is starting to get cold here, I decide I needed something to carry wood in, the buckets are just so heavy.  So I cut up a feed bag, borrowed a Carpet needle from my mom because I couldn’t find mine, and set to work to make myself a little carry bag.  I used the string from the feed bag as thread, but half way through sewing one strap, hubby talked me into taking it all out and using the thread from a thing of para cord he had gutted.   By the time I was done, my hands hurt and I was ready to chuck it in the trash.   I tried it out as soon as it was done and it worked just like I expected it to, I have enough to make one more and this time I am using my sewing machine now that I know it can be done on one.  To use the sewing machine, I will have to go buy a #14 needle and some heavy duty thread, but it will be done so much quicker and I will have time to do other things.  It took me just about all day, to make one.

DIY-Catan Game


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So I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas, and since my family tries to keep things practical and thing people need, figured that what ever she told me shouldn’t be too hard.  I was right and WRONG at the same time.   So where to start????  She mentioned a game the family loves to play called Settler’s of Catan.  I had heard of this game, but had never played it.  She wanted items to replace the cardboard pieces that are very easily worn over time.

So let’s start with the pieces (from my understanding) that would come with the game if you bought it and an expansion pack for 2 players.

19- Hexagon shaped cardboard pieces
19- Numbered circles
1- Robber ( think this is one of the few wood or plastic pieces)
9- Small triangle ports
30- Small houses= Settlements
24- Large houses= Cities
84 Straight pieces = Roads
2 dice
1 pack of game cards

Here is what I used.  Just a side note, getting enough for one means that you could make up to THREE full sets, if you had that many card sets.

Hexagon shaped 2 inch wood from


Circles bought in a pack from Hobby Lobby


Ports ( They were out of triangles, so I cut them in half with an exact o knife)



Bought at Walmart in the craft section.  They are called Skinny Sticks and it was a bag of 75

So here is the next step.

I cut the roads to be 1 1/2 long, they need to be just shorter than your hexagons.

The Right To Feed My Family


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I live out in the country and I realize that I have not had to deal with the following issue, it is one of the many reasons I am glad I live out in the country.    What issue is that you ask?   Why the right to feed my family, by raising my own food, via a garden.

Recently a friend of mine posted a link to her Facebook page, it’s for a group called Georgia Food Rights.  Their website is, please check it out.  Normally I shy away from anything smacking of politics, but this is one thing that I feel really strongly about.   Basically the group got it’s start when several town fined homeowners that decided to change their landscaping from the normal landscaping you would find around a house to landscaping that would feed their family.  I have done edible landscaping around my house, I have raised beds, that I have been growing my fall garden in them.  I have gotten such a better crop from what I planted and I planted less then what I normally do, because I can better utilize the space I have.    I planted one packet of radishes and I had the same good crop that I get from planting two packets of seeds, straight into the ground.   Is it the raised bed or is it the fact that due to the raised bed I had to use compost to fill the beds.  I think it is a combination of the two.  Because it’s a raised bed and you have to use compost to fill it, the nutrients are not as diluted as if you put the same amount of compost on a regular garden and then tilled it in.  Even if you didn’t till it in, when it rains the rain water washes some of the dirt away and then dilutes it in another way.    ALRIGHT, Back to the issue at hand.  I did several google searches and found several headlines about people being fined, for growing vegetables in the city.  Hear are just two of the headlines I found, and I couldn’t believe it when I read the stories.

Georgia man is facing fines of up to $5000 for growing too many vegetables on his land.
Woman threaten with jail time for having garden

HOW is it wrong to grow your own food?  Why would this bother other people, especially since in the case of the first story he gave away food to his neighbors and sold some items at a farmer’s market?  There will come a time when we might need the Victory gardens of old, the garden’s that kept people alive during the war’s and other issues that have popped up for thousands of years.   I have heard of other case’s in other countries and shook my head and felt sorry for them, and felt safe in knowing that I didn’t have to worry about it, yet here I am not starting to worry about what I might just have to deal with someday.   The following pictures if from a story I read about a guy in Canada  that is having to deal with this issue.  I am amazed at the beauty and the thoughtful way he and his wife laid out the garden.

This one is when it was first planted
Lawn and Order: The Silly War on Home Gardening Escalates

This one is with it in full production.

Couple faces fines for this vegetable garden on Richelieu Street in Drummondville.

I am again amazed at the beauty and the skill with which they laid it out.

Even if you don’t plant a garden currently, but you want to have the right to plant a garden, make sure you know your states and cities rules.

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